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Clearing Your Land

My husband owned the five acre piece of land our home sits on before we married. When he purchased this lovely tract of property in the country, he knew he eventually wanted to build a small starter home on it. However, the property was covered with pine trees, overgrown grass, and weeds. Before he could ever start the building process, he had to hire someone to clear his land. To effectively complete this task, my husband hired experts who knew how to operate heavy construction equipment. In a few days, his property was cleared, and he was ready to build a home on it. On this blog, you will discover the types of heavy construction equipment needed to clear various kinds of property.



3 Factors To Consider When Renting Construction Equipment

Current economic conditions have led to unique financial concerns for many construction companies. Cash flow might be limited, and credit can be tight, making the purchase of costly construction equipment unfeasible.

For construction companies looking to reduce overhead costs while still providing customers with quality service, renting equipment might be the answer. Renting construction equipment can provide a viable solution to the financial and operational needs of construction companies with tight budgets.

1. Equipment Availability

Choosing a rental company to work with is an important decision for construction companies. It's essential that you take the availability of essential pieces of equipment into consideration before partnering with a rental company.

You want to work with a company that will have the equipment you need on-site when the time for you to complete a construction project arises. Check each rental company's inventory to determine the number of items available at any given time, and partner with the company that offers the greatest availability on the construction equipment you will need in the future.

2. Proximity to Your Job Site

Another important factor that you should consider when renting construction equipment for an upcoming project is the proximity of each rental company to your job site. Working with a rental company that is located near your construction site will help you reduce rental costs.

You can limit transportation costs when it comes to the delivery and pickup of your rented equipment. Close proximity to the rental company also allows you to make timely repairs if the equipment you rent malfunctions on your construction site. Keep rental costs as low as possible by working with a rental company near your job site.

3. Added Amenities

Heavy construction equipment rental companies can provide more than just access to the machinery you need to complete a construction project. Some rental companies are also willing to offer access to experienced operators that can safely run your rented machinery. This amenity can limit the potential for accidents on the job site and reduce the amount of time required to complete a construction project.

Other amenities that you should consider before investing in the rental of construction equipment include delivery and pickup options, 24/7 customer service availability, and mobile mechanic services. Renting your construction equipment can be an efficient and cost-effective way to do business. Partner with a reliable rental company that can offer the equipment availability, proximity, and amenities your construction company requires.

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